Using a Protection Order to Shield Yourself

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Domestic violence survivors can obtain restraining orders in all 50 states. The orders are issued by the judicial system in an effort to protect the survivor from experiencing further harm from a stalker or abuser. Although there are some significant flaws in the system, the orders are the best the courts has to offer at this time, and there are six types that can be issued. Here are the ways you can use a protection order to shield yourself.

Stay Away

A stay away order is made when a person is not allowed near the survivor, and the court says he or she must remain a specified distance away. This is true of the person, their home, car, school, and job. The average protective order Fairfax is at least 300 feet.

Peaceful Contact

A peaceful contact order allows the survivor and abuser to have limited communication under specified conditions. This is often the case when there is a child in the relationship, the two have a business, or a pet is involved.

No Contact

A no contact order prohibits any contact between the two parties. The abuser or stalker must not contact the survivor through texting, calling, watching, emailing, or any other form of contact that would disturb the survivor in any way.

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Move Out

A move out order is issued by the courts when the two parties are living together. The judge will tell the abuser to move out of the existing home within a given time frame.

Counseling Order

A counseling order sends the abusing party to an anger management, intervention, or sobriety program. This is often for a specified period of time.

Firearms Removal

Some states have a firearms removal order that demands the abuser surrender his or her guns. It also prohibits him or her from purchasing additional weapons.

You don’t have to be married to get a protection order. You don’t even have to know the person stalking you. You only have to prove your life would be better without the harassment, stalking, or dangerous situation you are in because of the other person.

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