Understanding Child Support in Massachusetts

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Understanding Child Support in Massachusetts

When married parents of one or more children are separating or getting divorced, child support is high among their concerns in ensuring that the change to the family household does not have a negative impact on their children. The laws pertaining to child support are different in every state, and Massachusetts courts have adopted a very formulaic approach in establishing and modifying child support levels. Here are a few things that you should understand about how a court will determine the amount of child support that you will have to pay or how much you will be owed by your former spouse on a monthly basis as well as what you can do to help ensure the best possible outcome for your family.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

Your family law lawyer needs to be experienced representing clients in the county in which you reside. While state statute governs the law pertaining to family law and child support, every court’s interpretation and application of the law may slightly differ. When you’re looking for a family law lawyer Lynnfield MA, you need to choose counsel who is experienced in working in Essex County court and is familiar with its practices and how its docket moves. An Essex County court won’t necessarily operate exactly the same as a Suffolk County court, so it’s preferable to work with a firm that has previously represented clients in your area.

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Become Familiar with the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

All cases regarding child support require the parties to complete a child support guidelines worksheet in which they will answer very specific questions about their income and key child care expenses such as health insurance. Your legal counsel can help you organize the information that you will need to complete the worksheet and assist you in answering the questions thoroughly and accurately.

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