In Case of a Car Crash – Be Prepared

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Nobody plans to get in a car accident, but it happens. Across the United States there are on average about 16,500 wrecks a day, many of them minor, some of them serious. Even the most careful and defensive drivers will probably find themselves on the receiving end of a mangled bumper at least once in their lives. Just like practicing fire drills, knowing what to do in advance will help you remain calm.

Check for Injuries

The first order of business is to make sure that everyone in the car is okay. Take a quick minute to assess yourself and your passengers. Look over your body. Sometimes you can be unaware of an injury in the immediate aftermath of a crash. The most important thing is to make sure everyone is safe. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. You may also need to get in touch with an auto accident lawyer Detroit, but that will come later.

Move the Cars off the Road

After you have checked on the people in the other car, and assuming that everyone is unhurt and the cars are moveable, get them off the road so that your cars don’t cause another accident. If you can’t move your cars, turn on your hazard lights or set up warning cones if you have some in your emergency kit.

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Call the Police

Many states require that you call the police to report an accident. Many insurance companies will require a police report for their records, so unless it was the most minor fender bender with little to no damage, call 911. The police or sheriff will help you secure a tow truck if needed and write an accident report.

Exchange Information

While you’re waiting for help to arrive, you can use this time to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. This is a good time to call family or friends to come pick you up if your car must be towed. Refrain from getting angry or assigning blame at this point. You will have a chance to tell your story to the police after they arrive.

At best, car wrecks are inconvenient. At worst, they are life threatening. Having a plan of action in mind before a crash occurs will help you deal with it as calmly as possible if that day ever comes.

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