How To Protect Your Workers Comp Claim

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Getting injured on the job can be devastating, as not only are you faced with recovering from harm but you may also be out of work until you have fully recovered. This can be a terrible financial struggle for your family. Fortunately, many employers offer workers comp benefits that take care of the medical costs with your injury. With disability insurance, you may also be compensated for lost wages. However, there are circumstances where you may face a battle trying to get the benefits you are owed. In this case, you need to protect your workers’ comp claim from the moment of your injury.

Protect Your Workers

Report the Injury Immediately

To reduce your chances of dealing with a denied workers compensation claim Oregon, report your injury as soon as possible. In many states, you have a 30-day window for reporting, but by filling out the paperwork sooner, you can remember more details about the event. Any delays in filing a claim may lead to assumptions that you are exaggerating your injury or lying about what happened.

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Get Medical Help

No matter how minor the injury, be sure to seek medical care right away. Don’t delay and hope the pain goes away. You will need your injury and what you experience as a result documented by medical professionals in support of your claim. If the physician will not support your needs, it could jeopardize the credibility of your claim. You may need to seek a second opinion.

Hire an Attorney

If you have done all you can and your claim is still denied, it may be time to call in the professionals. An attorney knows the legal rights you have as an employee, and since workers comp is complicated, the expertise can help you navigate through your options.

Keeping detailed documentation and making sure you understand your rights are important in ensuring that you are treated fairly after an injury at work. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you deserve.

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