How to Increase Your Notary Income

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Notary publics are state-appointed public servants who offer valuable witnessing services during important document signings that prevent or deter fraud. Each state’s Secretary of State, which oversees notaries, sets a maximum notary fee. Therefore, you cannot just charge higher fees for notary services. However, you can increase your income as a notary.

Increase Your Notary Income

Work More

Notaries are paid on a per-signing basis, so you can, of course, work more to increase your income. Because your notary commission belongs to you, you are not restricted to providing your services at a specific company. You can offer notary services outside your work hours, such as on weekends, to increase your income.

Mobile Notary

As a mobile notary, you go to where your clients are instead of requiring that they come and see you. Because you are traveling, you can charge a travel fee, which is typically about $0.54 per mile or a flat fee for specific distances, but check with your state for any limitations. You may also charge for printing, office supplies or other services that are required but do not fall under the duties of a notary. The cost of your notary public stamps cannot be transferred to the client, however. If you plan to charge additional fees, be sure your client knows before you make the trip.

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Notary Signing Agents

Notary signing agents typically work with financial institutions and witness the signing of loan and other financial documents. Due to the complexity of these notarizations, you can charge higher fees than the state sets for typical notary duties. You can also offer and charge for courier services. To become a notary signing agent, you may be required to pass an annual background check and complete additional training. You will have to learn additional rules and may be required to carry errors and omissions or title insurance. Check with your state to determine whether notaries are allowed to become signing agents.

Notaries have excellent opportunities to determine their income levels. If you are looking for extra income, check out your state’s notary requirements.

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