Facts About Bail And Bail Bonds

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The last thing you want is to spend a night or more in jail after getting arrested. Most people who get arrested have the option of posting bail for their release from custody. It can be scary to get yourself or a loved one out of custody for the first time. You are faced with confusion because you are getting into an unfamiliar world. You probably don’t have much information on bail bonds. In that case, it would be best to contact a bail bond company allentown pa to assist you with the process of getting yourself or a loved one out of jail. Besides that, here are some other essential things that you ought to know about bail bonds.

Bails Bonds Are Loans

You wait for the judge to set the bail amount after an arrest. The bail amount is usually set during a bail hearing. After that, the arrested person should pay the bail amount for their release, and the bail amount is paid to the court. But, if you are unable to raise the full bail amount, you risk remaining in custody. That is why people seek a short-term loan, which is a bail bond from a bail bond agent. The bail bond company then pays the court the bail amount on your behalf. Like other loans, you will be required to pay the bail bond company a fee.

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Not All Defendants Require Bail Bonds

The other thing you need to know about bail bonds is that you may not require it at all. You can have other options besides a bail bond. You can pay the court using cash or use physical assets, such as bonds, real estate and bank accounts. The court also accepts other forms of collateral. You can consult with bail bond companies to know the kind of assets that the courts take.

You need to get all the facts right before talking to bonds agents. Since you have some information, you can make an informed decision when getting a loved one out of jail. Don’t forget to call a reputable bail bond company.

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