Criminal Behavior Experts

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You may have heard the term, Criminal Behavior Expert, but what exactly does that mean? 

What is a Criminal Behavior Expert?

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A Criminal Behavior Expert may also be referred to as a Criminologist. This is a person who is usually degreed in Psychology or Criminology or both. He or she studies criminals and their thought patterns and what leads to certain behaviors or crimes. If a person wants to become a Criminal Behavior Expert, they will need a master’s degree in psychology at the least. These types of experts are employed in a wide range of areas including judicial courts, police, the federal government, counseling offices, and journalism outlets. When looking for expert witness services New York NY, it’s important to be sure that your witness has experience and education in Criminology and Forensic Psychology. This has been a growing field due in part to rapidly evolving technology and college training as well as the popularity of crime TV shows. 

Why are Criminal Behavior Experts Important?

Criminal Behavior Experts or criminologists are important because of their specific knowledge base. These experts spend their education and careers studying criminal behavior and what might motivate a perpetrator. These experts can help put a dangerous criminal in jail, or conversely, help to prove why someone’s PTSD or past experiences should elicit some compassion or special consideration when assessing their crime. 

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Criminal Behavior Experts can assist in locating a criminal or predicting what they might do next. Because they have insight into the psychology of crime, Criminologists are extremely helpful to the police and FBI. In addition, these experts are often used as criminal profilers. Profiling can help identify what a perpetrator might be thinking, where they may be hiding, and what they might do next. Criminal Behavior Experts also assist in developing the best ways to interview and assess a perpetrator.

As exciting as some of the television shows portray criminologists, these types of psychologists spend most of their time researching, writing, and assisting in crimes. They are some of the most important experts in police and FBI work today.

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