5 Times When You May Need a Real Estate Attorney

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Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Coral Gables, Florida, you may run into the question of whether you need to hire an attorney to help you. Without a doubt, this is an important question to bring up before signing any paperwork.

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With that said, how do you know when you should start contacting litigation support Coral Gables FL? Here are five common real estate scenarios where it often makes sense to hire legal help when you are buying or selling property. 

1. Purchase Contracts

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, it is always wise to work with an attorney on your team whenever you are in the process of agreeing to terms in a purchase contract.

2. Closing Documents

Similarly, it is also useful to have professional legal assistance when you are finalizing all of the closing documents. While the purchase contract initiates the buying process, the closing documents will finalize everything. 

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3. Special Sale Situations

If you are in any type of special sale situation that does not fit into standard rules and procedures, having a lawyer can be helpful in case you run into any irregular legal questions. 

4. Structural Damage Situations

If the real estate that you are buying or selling has significant structural damage, working with a legal professional can help you protect yourself, regardless of what end of the transaction you happen to be on.

5. Out-of-State Purchases

For any out-of-state property purchases, legal help can be worth the cost because in most cases, buyers are unfamiliar with markets outside of the state they live in. A lawyer can do the extra research for you in this situation. At the end of the day, there are numerous reasons why a person might need to hire a real estate attorney. If you this there is a possibility that you could benefit from one in your situation, doing more research may be helpful. 

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